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St Vincent's Clinic Foundation Celebrates 25 years

St Vincent's Clinic Foundation 25th anniversary logo

In 1992, the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation was formally established to strengthen the research and educational aims of St Vincent’s Clinic with the belief that the best clinical care is evidence based and underpinned by research.  According to the Foundation’s first president, Sr Bernice, “The Value of the latest developments on treatment and procedures can only be tested by clinical practitioners and based on their detailed outcome studies of actual patient care.” In 2017 the Foundation celebrates 25 years of supporting research across the St Vincent’s Campus and a special logo with the tagline “Funding excellence in clinical research” has been designed to represent the Foundation’s ongoing commitment to advancing clinical care. You will see it on our communications throughout the anniversary year.

Over the past 25 years, the Foundation has continued to fund research across the St Vincent’s Campus and has introduced specific grants and funding streams to encourage research into emerging areas such as adult stem cell research. It has introduced multidisciplinary research grants designed specifically to facilitate nursing and allied health research and travelling scholarships to encourage international research and collaboration. The Foundation has also supported other research related opportunities such as the Shine Fellowship, the research assistant for the inaugural Allied Health Professional Unit and the research assistant for the professor of Aboriginal Health Nursing.

The St Vincent’s campus continues to be at the forefront of medical research and innovation in areas such as HIV research and the future presents many new opportunities in new and traditional areas of research, including: precision medicine and genomics. We hope that the work of the Foundation can continue to assist clinicians and researchers to make advances in their understanding of challenging medical subjects.

St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a cocktail event on the evening of 11 October 2017 at St Vincent’s Clinic where St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation Grants for 2018 will be presented.  Invitations will be sent out closer to the time so please keep the date free. We look forward to celebrating this important milestone with you.