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St Vincent's Clinic publishes annual "Proceedings" which includes articles about research work done by doctors who have received major grants from St Vincent's Clinic Foundation and articles which highlight recent developments in the areas of Medicine and Surgery. ”Proceedings” also incorporates the transcript of the annual Sandra David Oration.

The published "Proceedings" demonstrate the interdependency of the three pillars of St Vincent's Clinic - excellence in clinical care, education and research.

The latest issue of Proceedings is available for download here PDF [2MB]

Past Editions are available here:

2015 PDF [2.29MB]

2014 PDF  [1,825 KB]

2013 PDF [1,475 KB]

2012 PDF [1,126 KB]

2011 PDF [1,263 KB]

2010 PDF [1,348 KB]

2009 PDF [2,344 KB] 

2008 PDF [1,644 KB] 

2007 PDF [1,761 KB]

2006 PDF [669 KB] 

2005 PDF [1,633 KB] 

2004 PDF [1,083 KB] 

2003 PDF [613 KB] 

2002 PDF [688 KB] 

1999 PDF [10,212 KB] 

1998 PDF [9,271 KB] 

1997 PDF [15,346 KB] 

1995 PDF [9,243 KB] 

1994/1 PDF [15,078 KB] 

1994/2 PDF [10,137 KB] 

1993 PDF [8,356 KB]


St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation Newsletter

Each year the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation publishes a newsletter for donors and supporters. It includes details on the current grant recipients, updates and news about past recipients. To read the current newsletter please click here PDF [1.35 MB]

For past editions: 

2016 PDF [100 KB]

2015 PDF [1.49 MB]

2014 PDF [1.54 MB] 

2013 PDF [958 KB] 

2012 PDF [2.54 MB] 

2011 PDF [621 KB] 

2010 PDF [526 KB]


St Vincent's Clinic Foundation 25 Years - 1992 - 2017

To celebrate St Vincent's Clinic Foundation's 25th anniversary, a special anniversary edition of the St Vincent's Clinic Foundation Newsletter was produced. The publication includes a historical list of the Sandra David Orations, a snapshot of the comprehensive achievements of the Foundation to date, a historical timeline and stories from some of our researchers. A copy of the anniversary edition of the newsletter is available for download here PDF [1.35MB]


St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation 15 Years – 1992-2007

To celebrate the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation’s 15 year anniversary in 2008, the Clinic produced “15 Years 1992 - 2007” to document the history and achievements of the foundation. Click here PDF [852 KB] to download a copy.


Social Responsibility Report

The annual social responsibility report highlights key milestones throughout the year and records the contributions that St Vincent's Clinic and St Vincent's Private Hospital make toward helping those in need in the community through the mission of social justice. The latest social responsibility report is available here for download.